The Holocaust Remembered: Anne Frank & Oskar Schindler

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The Holocaust Remembered – The Moving Story of Anne Frank & Oskar Schindler

The Holocaust in WW2 claimed more than 6 million victims across Europe. On this moving tour we follow the story of Anne Frank from her hiding in Holland to her death at Bergen-Belsen, seeing the Anne Frank House and her memorials. We visit concentration camp sites, where the victims are remembered, including the most infamous at Auschwitz in what was German-occupied Poland during the Second World War, as well as seeing lesser known sites like Terezin. The tour ends with a look at the Nuremburg Trials where the full horror of the Holocaust was exposed.

12-Day Tour – The Holocaust Remembered: Anne Frank & Oskar Schindler

Day 1

Depart from your chosen UK pick-up point and travel to the port where a coach interchange will take place, you will then join your tour coach for the Channel crossing. On arrival on the Continent we continue to our hotel (passengers joining the tour in Europe will meet the group at the hotel this evening).

Day 2 – Anne Frank’s Story

Today we travel to Amsterdam and begin to follow the story of the Frank Family with a look at the exterior of Anne Frank’s House. On 6th July 1942, Otto and Edith Frank went into hiding in the ‘Secret Annex’ of their home, with their daughters Margot and Anne. They were later joined by Hermann, Auguste and Peter van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer. Here they stayed for twenty-five months until the hiding place was betrayed in August 1944. The people in hiding were deported to the Westerbrok Transit Camp. Every Tuesday between July 1942 and September 1944 a train left the camp full of prisoners for Auschwitz/ Birkenau. Anne Frank and her family were put in one of the last three trains to leave Westerbork for Auschwitz in September 1944 just ahead of the Allied Armies entering the area. It is said that Anne and her sister were kept in one of the reconstructed huts on the site. We spend time at the camp and visit its museum before we continue to Hannover for an overnight stay.

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Anne Frank house  ★ Westerbork Concentration Camp

Day 3 – Bergen-Belsen & Anne Frank’s Memorial

Continuing Anne Frank’s story we visit Bergen-Belsen. After a month at Auschwitz, Anne Frank and her sister Margot were transported to Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp, where thousands of people were dying of hunger and sickness every day. Margot and Anne both contracted typhus and died within a short time of each other in March 1945, only a few weeks before the liberation. We visit the site of the camp with its superb Holocaust Interpretation Centre and later have lunch in nearby Celle before continuing to Berlin where we stay for three nights.

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Celle  ★ Bergen Belsen

Day 4 – Berlin & the Final Solution

In Berlin we begin at the Holocaust Memorial, visit the area that was the nerve-centre of the Third Reich and see the Topography of Terror exhibition area. After lunch we travel to west Berlin and visit ‘Gleis 17’ – a platform on a local railway station where thousands of Jews were deported from Berlin to Concentration Camps in the East. It now stands as a moving memorial to this sad chapter in Berlin’s past. At Wannsee we visit the conference centre where arguably the decision to carry out the ‘Final Solution’ was made (entrance subject to modern day conferences not taking place).

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Holocaust Memorial  ★ Topography of Terror  ★ Gleis 17  ★ Wansee Conference Centre

Day 5 – Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

On our second day in Berlin we travel to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, a site which its Soviet liberators continued to use as a place of terror into the Cold War. We return to central Berlin for free time or you can join our optional tour of WW2 military history sites.

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp


Day 6 – Wroclaw

Leaving Berlin we travel into Poland and stop at Wroclaw. Once the German city of Breslau, it had a large Jewish population and later became a ‘Festung’ – a defended town – in 1945, finally surrendering to the Russians in May 1945. We have lunchtime here and free-time to explore the city centre, which shows many signs of WWII. We then continue to our hotel in Krakow for three nights.

*Breakfast Included


Day 7 – The Oskar Schindler Story & Heroes Square

In Krakow we visit the Oskar Schindler Factory and learn the amazing story behind the man who worked tirelessly to save as many of the city’s Jews as he could. The factory site is now a museum. We take a look at the site of the Krakow Ghetto and see Heroes Square.

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Krakow Ghetto  ★ Heroes Square  ★ Oskar Schindler Factory

Day 8 – Auschwitz

At Auschwitz we visit what has become one of the enduring symbols of the horror that was the Holocaust. We take a guided visit of Auschwitz before moving onto the vast site of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where an estimated one million died in the ‘Final Solution’. A sobering but memorable day which brings together many of the Holocaust stories we follow on the tour.

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Auschwitz  ★ Auschwitz-Birkenau

Day 9 – The Heydrich Story: Operation Anthropoid

Leaving Poland we journey into the Czech Republic, and in Prague, follow the story of Operation Anthropoid (now the subject of a Hollywood movie): the assassination of SS leader Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. Overnight in Prague.

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Prague  ★ Heydrich Story  ★ Operation Anthropoid

Day 10 – Terezin

This morning we travel to Terezin – once Theresienstadt. This former Austro-Hungarian fortified town was turned into a Concentration Camp by the Nazis and used by them as a propaganda tool to give the impression that such camps were simply for detention. We stay tonight in Bavaria.

*Breakfast Included


Day 11 – Nuremberg

We visit the Congress Hall which now houses a museum chronicling the rise and fall of the Nazis and linking it with the Holocaust story. We end our tour at the Nuremberg Courthouse where those who had orchestrated the Holocaust were tried after WW2, and, subject to modern-day demands, we also go into the courtroom itself; a fitting place to end our moving journey. We continue to Belgium for an overnight stay.

*Breakfast Included

HIGHLIGHTS  ★ Nuremberg  ★ Congress Hall  ★ Courthouse

Day 12

We leave our overnight hotel this morning for the Channel port for our return crossing to the UK. You will leave your tour coach behind as you board your transfer vehicle for your return journey to your original departure point.

*Breakfast Included

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The Holocaust Remembered Tour

12 Days from $2,316 per person
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You will stay overnight at the 3-star Hotel Wassenaar, or similar, to the south west of Amsterdam, followed by the 4-star H4 Hotel Hannover, or similar in Harz Mountains area. In Berlin, you will stay for three nights at the 4-star Grand City Hotel Berlin East, or similar on the outskirts of Berlin. You will then stay for three nights at the 3-star Best Western Efekt Express, or similar, in Krakow. In Prague you will stay overnight at the 3-star Hotel Duo or Hotel International, and then you will stay overnight at the 3-star Hotel Zum Storch in Schlusselfeld, or similar, around 40 miles north of Nuremberg.

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The Holocaust Remembered: Anne Frank & Oskar Schindler

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